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The International Glamour Project Breaking the Taboo Around Beauty Pageants

The International Glamour Project (TIGP) aims at building an ecosystem that facilitates women empowerment. Since its establishment, The International Glamour Project has continuously focused on redefining glamour and beauty pageants. It does so by enhancing inclusivity and breaking the taboo surrounding beauty pageants. The notion that beauty pageants should focus on looks is biased. It’s 2021, and we as a society should choose an individual based on inner glamour and not external beauty.

The International Glamour Project is a personality-based beauty pageant that focuses on multiple aspects that go beyond mere beauty. The project concentrates more on participant’s all-around personality based on three concepts: spark, personality, inner glamour, authentic style, and earnest desire to be the best version of oneself. As a result, The International Glamour Project encourages an inclusive pageant process by inviting women from all sectors. Participants can be students, career holders, entrepreneurs, or even professionals from different métiers/fields.

To mark its difference from other beauty pageants, The International Glamour Project offers training and coaching to participants. World-class mentors help Miss India, Miss teen India, and Mrs India contestants sharpen their skills in every conceivable aspect to bring about the positive changes they aim for themselves, their community, and their country. Some of the skills that contestants Horne are:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Pageant Q&A Training
  3. Diet & Nutrition
  4. Nail Grooming
  5. Power Dressing
  6. Acting Skills
  7. Social Event Etiquettes
  8. Portfolio
  9. Social Awareness
  10. Dining Etiquettes
  11. Smile Care Grooming
  12. Ramp Walk Training
  13. Fit Mind & Body
  14. Pageant Etiquettes
  15. Life Coach
  16. Communication
  17. Hair Care
  18. Social Media Etiquettes
  19. Performing Arts
  20. Skin Care
  21. Make Up
  22. Impress the Judges!
  23. Soft Skills & Body Language
  24. Power of Pageantry
  25. Travel Etiquettes

The project primarily aims at molding women leaders. At the International Glamour Project, the most valued feature is the participant’s inner glamour. That said, the pageant system shuns pigeonholing the contestants based on physical attributes such as age, weight, waist size, and height.

Conventionally, beauty pageants gave more priority to the participants physical looks. This approach perpetuated unrealistic beauty standards and discouraged women that didn’t fit within these rigid boxes from participating.

As a result, The International Glamour Project has seen the need to focus on a new approach that encourages identification and appreciation of inner beauty.

No one is perfect. The International Glamour Project believes and espouses the idea that beauty is “perfectly imperfect”. Every woman who starts her journey of self-discovery with the pageant system learns to accept herself the way she is and live life on her terms.

The International Glamour Project inspires and encourages woman to rejoice in, hone and find their unique glamour. The project is centered on women self-empowerment and self-development, rather than focusing on looks.

All Mrs. India, Miss India, and Miss Teen India contestants benefit from this project because of various reasons. They get crucial coaching and first-hand training from international beauty queens, former titleholders, and other pageant veterans. Some of the International Glamour Project training areas include fitness and health, personal branding, communication, interview skills, image management, media relations and public speaking.

Since the International Glamour Project concentrates more on improving the contestant’s all-around personality, it opens them to plenty of career opportunities. Instead of focusing on Miss India, Mrs. India and Miss Teen India winners, this glamour project benefits all the contestants. From the skills acquired during the coaching, the contestants can land opportunities in various fields such as brand endorsement, volunteerism, and modelling contract, among other avenues to supercharge or launch their careers.

Unlike other glamour projects, The International Glamour Project is quashing the taboo that beauty pageants must be centered on the contestants’ appearance. Our society is changing, and there exists a need to change some of the long-standing and biased taboos. The International Glamour Project has begun reshaping the beauty pageant industry drawing more focus on various aspects rather than beauty. This glamour project will empower women and boost their confidence, helping them grow their career. For more information about The International Glamour Project, click here.

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