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10-year-old pageant contestant writes book to inspire self confidence, inner beauty

Like many pageant girls, 10-year-old Trinity Bush likes to play in makeup. But her makeup is far from the most important thing for her. 

“It’s natural pageants. It’s not fake hair, fake teeth. It’s really about who you are,” Brush said.  Bush started competing in natural pageants in 2018. “My first pageant I ever did was Carolina Girls Rock, and I won that one,” she said. Bush said trophies and tiaras are fun, but she’s determined to show pageants are more than the crown and makeup. It’s about how you present yourself, which can be summed up in an acronym.

Courageous, resilient, open-hearted, winner and not because those are the things you have to do, well you have to be and that’s what your personality has to be,” she said.

She launched her new book ‘The Road to the Crown’ on June 2, 2021. Leading a powerful group of 17 pageant beauties, Bush and her co-authors share their incredible personal stories of discipline, determination, and courage. This book is a page-turner that offers honest, fun, and revealing true stories of how each young lady found their confidence and their voice while competing for a crown and title.

You don’t have to wait to be an adult to make an impact on the world. These authors challenge readers to think differently not just about the world of pageantry, but also about what it means to be beautiful from the inside out. At just six to fifteen years of age, these ladies share a fresh perspective on what it takes to wear a C.R.O.W.N. Read about the journey of a young lady who was completely nonverbal and how pageants changed her life, the beautiful and biracial redhead who boldly embraces her uniqueness, the high school student who embraced a fork in the road and discovered a new passion, and many other stories like this. This book provides answers to the questions so many parents are asking; what are beauty pageants really about and how can my child benefit from them? These are real-life examples and stories that will inform and inspire.

In this book, Bush shares her own experience of becoming the 2019 North Carolina National American Miss Jr Preteen and she shares her unique strategy for winning both a tangible and intangible C.R.O.W.N. Today, at 10 years of age, Bush is not only a pageant queen but she is also the CEO of Beyond What You See an audio affirmation and clothing company. She is also a philanthropist, national speaker, and educator.

“I am so excited that we are sharing our stories with so many aspiring pageant queens! Often, we think that pageants are all about mean girls, fake hair, and self-absorbed parents, but these are only the antics highlighted by reality TV. The world of pageantry is about confidence, grit, and perseverance. That’s why our book ‘The Road to the Crown’ is so important. We’re empowering others to realize that they can thrive and shine on their road to earning a crown”

The much-anticipated official launch of ‘The Road to the Crown’ features stories from Paris Ndu (Age 6), Sophia Audrey-Jean Sanders (Age 8), Jurnee Elyse Bush (Age 8), Alexandra Wilcox (Age 8), Twins Caylee and Abigail Hauck (Age 8), Reaghan Danee (Age 9), Jaksyn Brown (Age 9), Zaria Martin Riley (Age 9), Cortney Lisby (Age 10), Jazmine Vanessa Palma (Age 10), Jazel Bella Johnson (Age 10), Abigail Hauser (Age 11), Elyse Faith Woodson (Age 11), Laci Brown (Age 13), and Cloriesa Keith Darden (Age 15). These stories will inspire the young and old to dream big, make moves and create major change.

Book Details:
The Road to the Crown by Trinity Bush
Genre: non-fiction self-guide
Publisher: Raising A Mogul, LLC/Zandra Brand Publishing
Format: Paperback. Digital available to readers in August.

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