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Hotpicks from Miss Universe 2020, Evening Gowns and National Costumes

BY JOHN GUARNES @guarnesjohn

Recently the Ms. Universe 2020 presented the National Costume Competition. Followed by the Preliminary Competition which include the cocktail dress, swimsuit and the gown competition which has a big part of this big event. The main event will telecast live all over the world from Seminole Hard Rock Resort & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, USA on May 16,2021.

My Top Choice for the National Costume Competition are as follows:

Angele Kossinde (Cameroon)

Adlinne Castelino (India)

Ayu Maulida Putri (Indonesia)

Christina Lasasimma (Laos)

Janick Maceta Castillo (Peru)

I love their national costumes because of its simplicity and symbolically represents their culture and traditions. While some I felt like a Broadway musical showdown which I decided not to mention to avoid hate comments.

My Top Choice for Evening Gown Competition were as follows:

Amanda Obdam (Thailand)

  Janick Maceta Castillo (Peru)

Ivonne Cerdas (Costa Rica)

Rabiya Mateo(Philippines)

Nova Stevens (Canada)

I chose them because of the total look and the way they carry the gown confidently.

Good luck to the Miss Universe 2020 Grand Finale on May 16, 2021.

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