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Reality show featuring Olivia Culpo and her sisters is coming to Discovery+

Olivia Culpo, the former Miss Universe from Cranston, and her sisters will star in a new reality show on Discovery+ that is set to debut this year, according to the entertainment website Deadline.  The show, with the working title “The Culpos,” will feature Olivia and sisters Sophia and Aurora “as they navigate their lives, loves, and businesses together in Los Angeles.” It will be definitely interesting to see what goes on in the life of a successful beauty queen who is now a model and an entrepreneur.

During an appearance last month in East Greenwich, where Olivia Culpo was opening her second restaurant, a camera crew was following her, shooting scenes for the show, Journal reporter Gail Ciampa reported at the time.

Culpo, who is 30, was crowned Miss Universe in 2012. She grew up in Cranston and attended St. Mary Academy Bay View.   In August 2017, Culpo opened a restaurant with her family in Rhode Island.

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