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Michael Cinco – is it a Deal or no deal?

by John Guarnes @guarnesjohn

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Following the controversial issue about the conflict between the renowned International Filipino Designer Michael Cinco and The Team of Ms. Universe Canada headed by Nova Stevens together with her PR Team led by Miguel Martinez. As they had released the statement accusing Cinco about the late arrival and the ill fitting of the gown. While Cinco made his own vindictive statement of being ungrateful to the whole team after benefitting from sponsorship. After all the things that have been said and done following this current issue. Which creates a big impact on the Designers, Pageant Candidates and Stylists who are responsible to expose the real dealings between both parties. The argumentation is about the extent of the Dealings between people involved regarding Sponsorship? My question is that – should a designer charge for his creation for the pageant event? 

I have made my own survey with different people in the fashion Industry about the arguments?

To be honest, it should be paid because the Designer will invest more time and effort in creating such a piece. It’s very tedious and laborious. However, there are some pageant girls who have no capacity to fund her own clothes, so most likely, collaboration can be agreed . But it’s up to the Designer if she/he really wants to dress the candidate or support that candidate. After All, it’s gonna be a win-win situation for both of them.” 

Brasty Jaymar – Fashion Stylist

Manila, Philippines

” I think that’s right too.  Of course a designer should be given opportunities and benefits to create.” 

Soummo Chakma
Designer/Tribal Entrepreneur, Aryeshwari Boutique Perabah
Rangamati, Bangladesh

Yes, if possible, to sponsor a dress is also a big achievement. If I have an  opportunity then I am also interested in design, you can recommend my brand too.” 

Muhammad Fawad Noori 
International Fashion Designer 
Stylist/Choreographer/Fashion Mentor
Lahore, Pakistan

Designers must be paid   after all, beauty pageants are also a business .  It’s high time. But some pageant also gives honorarium.

Edgar Madamba
Fashion Designer, Top 5 Best Filipiniana Designer
Manila, Philippines 

They have never paid designers at pageants. It would be nice if they did

Lydia Cutler 
International Fashion Designer 
Founder and Owner of Aberdeen Fashion Week 
Aberdeen City, United Kingdom 

That is how it should be. But the practice of big pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World is not like that. But in smaller pageants, candidates usually pay or rent for their gowns

Edwin Uy
International Fashion Designer, Pageant Gown Designer , Pageant National Costume Designer
Manila, Philippines 

It depends upon what type of pageant, For me if the pageant is like Ms. Universe even if it sponsorship, I don’t really mind

Rikki Molina
International Fashion Designer, Avant Garde, Pageant Gown Designer 
Pageant National Costume Designer
Manila, Philippines 

“Creative collaborations if it’s not commissioned with money must be a partnership between two ideas or ideas between persons and there must be an open communication. The one executing it should set the limitations and cannot be the yes person all the time. He/she should take control while the organization guides him/her gently. The designers should also allow the organization to communicate what they want to happen but then again both parties should agree on a middle ground.  Again, the organization CANNOT DICTATE the design vision. If they want a specific design they should pay and not push around designers like that. Let MGMODE and Denis Davila hear this.”

Jian Lasala
Fashion Designer
Pageant Gown Designer
Pageant Enthusiast
Manila, Philippines 

My answer is case to case basis, but on the business side, if they have the budget, the designer is able to create better but if its sponsorship then it depends to what extent of what we will agree upon. 

Eric Valena
Fashion Designer 
Pageant Gown Designer

I always believe that both parties benefitted for a certain cause. They both participated but what matters is that being grateful is another issue to argue about. All that Cinco demands is to be true and grateful instead of creating a buzz to be recognized.

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