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Inside Pageant talks with Marina Pacifico, Miss Teen Global Beauty Brasil 2021

Marina Pacifico was crowned Miss Teen Global Beauty Brasil 2021 during the pageant, held on October 24, 2021 in Brasil. The representative of Ceara bested 14 other beautiful contestants to emerge winner and to earn the opportunity to represent her country at the next edition of Miss Teen Global Beauty pageant, to be held in Paraiba, Brazil in August this year

Inside Pageant had the pleasure of being able to interview this beauty queen to know her better.

Inside Pageant – Let’s begin by some fun questions.

If your bag told us who you are…

• Your bag goes with you throughout the day, what could it tell us about WOW about you that nobody knows?

It could tell you that I’m a girl warned and organized.

• What’s the essential item you always put in your bag?

My essential item is my wallet with money and documents.

• What will we never find in your bag?

Lipstick because it’s the thing I dislike to use but it’s very essential to me.

Inside Pageant – If your telephone told us who you are…

• Are you desperate when you lose your phone?

Sometimes yes, because this happen on the time I need.

• Your favorite app?


• The app you watch as soon as you get up?


• What is the latest follow account on Instagram?

The new Miss Teen Global Beauty México, Miranda Gómez (@miranddagomez).

Inside Pageant – Describe yourself through your tastes, what you like

• If you were an animal, you’d be…

An Eagle.

• If you were a precious stone, you’d be…

A diamond.

• If you were a word, you’d be…


• If you were a movie or a TV serie, you’d be…

The looking for hapiness.

• If you were a celebrity, you’d be…

Ana Hickmann.

• If you were a cartoon, you’d be…


• If you were a great power, you’d be…


• If you were an item in your closet, you’d be…

A high heels.

• The song you’re a fan of and you’re playing in a loop?

“As it was” of Harry Styles.

• If you were a motto, you’d be…

“Never give up of your dreams!”

• If you were a hashtag, you’d be…


• If you were a guilty pleasure, you’d be…

Gluttony, I love eating.

Inside Pageant – You compete in a beauty contest. How do you define beauty?

I define beauty as something together, the union of internal and external positive points of someone who builds this issue.

Inside Pageant – Miss Teen Global Beauty Brasil is it your first title?

No, I’ve participated of 7 pageants since my childhood. During this pageantry career, I conquered 6 titles.

Find the full interview in the issue 10 of the print magazine Inside Pageant available on Amazon.


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