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Meet the founder of Mrs Grand International pageant

Inside Pageant likes to explore new contests to help you discover them. In the next issue, we’ll spotlight on Mrs Grand International. Today we had the chance to meet its founder, U-Khunn Hsett Han

Inside Pageant – How did you get into the world of beauty pageants?

I started beauty pageant in 2016 . I only worked as a national pageant from 2016 to 2017 . At 2018 , I start working for International Pageant. And also I’m the franchise owner of Miss Supranational Myanmar. Now , I owned 3 international pageants : 

                – Miss Crystal Angel international 

                – Mrs Grand International 

                – Little Mister and Miss Pacific World

Inside Pageant – What kind of director are you?

I am a person who thinks and decides from all sides 


Inside Pageant – You are the creator and director of Mrs. Grand International. What makes you different from your pageant?

  There are 3 types of Mrs Grand international

   – Royal Category 

   – Standard Category

   – Classic Category 

Inside Pageant – Why did you launch a contest in the middle of a pandemic? Isn’t that risky?

That’s right covid 19 is so risky.But nowadays The people are protected with inoculation.So we don’t need to worry a lot .

Inside Pageant – If you had to describe your pageant to me in just three words, which would it be?

Peace, Empower, Glamour


Find the entire interview in the next issue of Inside Pageant, available on September 10th.


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