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A new contest for Teen : Spectacular Teen

A bit of renewal in the beauty contests for our Teens: Spectacular Teen. This contest is created by Lenner Francisco Álvarez. This young man graduated in social communication before specialising in digital marketing. In 2018, in love with beauty contests, he launched his brand, Spectacular Teen with a willingness to service with a real perspective.

Initially, Spectacular Teen was launched as a media dedicated to the pageantry of teens only. For years, they have provided light and support to many beauty platform. But the founder found that this glitter world was missing something… and the idea of launching his own contest sprouted… Spectacular Teen Beauty Pageant was born.

By retaining his recognized name in the world of pageantry, he developed Spectacular Teen beauty pageant whose inaugural edition will take place from November 21 to 27 in Mexico City. To help him with the organization and offer a high quality show, Lenner Francisco Álvarez teamed up with Luis Súarez. As he says so well: “Mr. Luis Suarez, is a fundamental element in the organization and is executing in detail all the production elements at the international headquarters in Mexico City.”

This pageant is open to all young girls without restrictions on height or weight. They are primarily looking for young woman who is “a queen who is faithful to social networks, loved by the public never forgotten during the year of reign, simply inspired by a spectacular teenager“.

For this new pageant, according to her motto which is Teenagers who inspires, young women must present either their social work or an issue highlighting their talent to compete. They choose the segment they want to present so that they are as comfortable as possible. As Alvarez points out, “the more original it will be, the more important it will be to us”.

For the first edition of Spectacular Teen, 22 countries in Europe, America and Asia have confirmed their participation for a show that looks good. At Inside Pageant, we look forward to seeing this launch. If you are interested in this contest, we invite you to get closer to the organization on its social networks Facebook or Instagram.

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