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Owner & Founder of Patoune Editions and Inside Pageant.

Globetrotter for professional reasons, La Puce, a sparkling young quadragenarial, leads its existence between both sides of the Atlantic. Passionate about beauty contests, she has been working behind the scenes for more than ten years.

She writes on her daily life since her teens, blackening notebook after notebook. His many trips ensured him time to satisfy this second passion.


She takes care of all the administration of our magazine, as well as the technical part of the printing. She is the CEO of Patoune Editions, the publishing house with which we collaborate. Currently, she is on maternity leave after giving birth to these two boys, but she keeps the house running from a distance.


He takes care of our servers and our computers. He does not intervene in the editorial part of the magazine. He’s a real geek, so beauty pageants are not his cup of tea.





This lover of pageantry has real expertise, since she has competed in major competitions such as Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental… She is the reigning Miss World Noble Queen International.

She joins us to bring us her sparkling gaze on the world of pageantry and to do the debriefing with our founder of the beauty pageant.



Crowned Modele Elegance Champagne Ardenne 2019, winner of Cultural Award at Modele Elégance France 2021, Dorian is on the podium at weekends, and in class during the week to practice his profession as a professor of marketing.

His intervention topics focus on the place of culture in beauty pageants, as well as the development of male pageants.




A fan of pageantry since childhood, in this area, nothing escapes Thomas, aka Toto the Clock. From the crowning of new beauty queens to the creation of new contests, nothing escapes him!

In short, everything related to French speaking beauty contests is her domain.

When he’s not going to meet beauty queens, he likes to discover new contests and bring his expertise in analyzing them, such as hunting down scams to alert his community.





Juliette is the muse of Toto O Clock. Loving beauty contests, she will bring us freshness, as well as her new point of view on this world.

She will be a source of proposals to help us develop Inside Pageant and of course will write articles on this world that she is discovering by participating in various contests.




Founder of Miss Face of Humanity.







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