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Inside Pageant is coming to YouTube…

Inside Pageant evolves to respond to to your requests, your desires. Now, in addition to the magazine, we are going to offer you videos still devoted to beauty pageants. The team would like to offer you regular meetings.

– Each Monday, In her own crown will offer you interviews with current and past beauty queens to discuss their reign, what their crown has brought them in their life, but also their news and their platform.

– Every Wednesday, the team will create a newscast from the world of pageantry, so you won’t miss a thing.

– Every Friday, Pass the crown will present you with the different candidates competing in the same competition. In this section, we always ask the same questions in the same order in order to obtain the most faithful possible portrait of each candidate so that you can support the one that you like or that approaches your values.

From September, a talk show will be organized once a month to discuss topics that have rocked the pageantry world. With Sonia, we will also debrief live the various beauty contests in a program that we have for the moment entitled Pageant Police…

We hope you like these new projects. Do not hesitate to send us your criticisms so that we can improve, as well as what you would like to see on our channel …

We remain at your disposal.

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