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In her own Crown

Q&A with Mr. Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon – Man of the Earth President

Interview by Bench Bello

Man Of The Earth pageant is a world male pageant that gives all men an equal right to represent their country irrespective of their race, beliefs, religion, tradition or culture. Their main advocacy is Promoting The Environment Through Inclusive And Sustainable Lifestyle.

Mr. Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon – the President of Man of the Earth Pageant – granted an exclusive interview to our correspondent Bench Bello.

Inside Pageant – What is Man of the Earth?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – Man Of The Earth isn’t just a world male pageant, but a platform that gives all men an equal opportunity to represent their country and personality regardless of their race, Creed, religion or culture with respect and without discrimination, also the pageant celebrates a definitive diverse and promote individual uniqueness, humanitarian and social.

Inside Pageant – How did you come up about this pageant?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – The love for our mother earth, environment and animals made me come about this pageant. And seeing that women have more opportunities than men, so I had to use the male gender to achieve my aim.

Inside Pageant – What are the prizes to be won? Or what are the titles?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – The prizes to be won are confidential and only released to intending directors. The titles to be won are :

  • Man Of The Earth Grand winner
  • Man Of The Earth Fire
  • Man Of The Earth Water
  • Man Of The Earth Air and
  • Man Of The Earth Ambassador
  • and we have continental titles and awards.

Inside Pageant – What makes Man of the Earth unique from any other male pageants?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – Man Of The Earth is a unique pageant because our pageant promotes societal connections and mutual dialogue amongst various countries, we encourage self-discipline and self-confidence, we pave way for today’s youth(male) to find new opportunities(locally or internationally) and above all we Promote The Environment Through Inclusive And Sustainable Lifestyle.

Inside Pageant – Since this will be the first edition, what are your preparations for this pageant?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – So much preparation is ongoing now. The Chief Executive Officer has traveled to the host country (Turkey) to secure a hotel and dates for the event. Candidates press conference is ongoing now. Hotels are getting booked and reserved for candidates. Sponsors and partners are ready to make the event a success. Media houses are ready to make a great sound for the inaugural edition of the pageant. And we wanna make sure that the Grand winner gets to live with the Man Of The Earth family at the President own country.

Inside Pageant – What are the planned activities?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – Planned activities for events begins with a welcome dinner for all candidates. National costume competition, talent competition, interview (closed door) competition, swimwear competition, visiting of sponsors and tourists centers in Turkey and the final coronation night comes in a very big grand style. And the candidates departs with a goodbye dinner

Inside Pageant –When will be the competition and what is the host country?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – Date for the event is October (16 – 23) and host country is Turkey

Inside Pageant – What is the application process in order to join in this pageant?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – The application process is just to email us on or on WhatsApp +2349079415009. Your organization profile would be needed and if it is a candidate then your photos would be needed.

Inside Pageant – Do you have a website and social media so that our readers can visit and follow?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – Yes we have a website.

Facebook: Man Of The Earth Official

Instagram: @manoftheearthofficial

YouTube: @manoftheearthofficial

Inside Pageant – What is your message to all the candidates?

Ekpenyong Williams Uwakfon (EWU) – The road to the crown is rough but your determination, preparations and focus will make you win. It’s not really easy to go into an international pageant but you need to work hard because hard work pays. All candidates should be ready to compete with one another with love because when there is love while competition, the competition becomes fun. All candidates should note that your love for environment and charity obligations is a step up game for you. You need to work according to the pageant advocacy. I love all candidates and I wish all candidates good luck on your journey.

Ganap TV (of which Bench is one of the founders) had the chance to interview some of the candidates, please watch this videos:


To all the candidates, congratulations and enjoy your journey to the crown. Keep on promoting and helping the environment!

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