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Natalia Lopez Cardona is Miss International Colombia 2022

Natalia Lopez Cardona was appointed as the new Miss Interational Colombia 2022. The information has been announced on the official instagram account of Reinado Colombia.

She will represent Colombia at the Miss International 2022 pageant.  The Miss International 2022 will be held later this year. Due to the pandemic, no pageant was held in 2022 and 2021. The current titleholder Sireethorn Leearamwat of Thailand holds the distinction of being. the longest reigning Miss International. She shared her joy after this announcement. “Very pleased, it is something that fills me with pride. Having the privilege of bearing the name of my country, of my Quindío department, to different latitudes is a challenge for which I will work with all my spirit and discipline. I will not be inferior to this great responsibility and I am sure that with the support and the beautiful energy that they have always sent me, we will have an excellent performance in Miss International 2022”, said Natalia López Cardona.

Born in Circassia, the 23-year-old representative of Quindio Department is law student at the Alexander von Humboldt University Corporation. She was crowned virreina (or first runner-up) at the Señorita Colombia 2021 pageant.

I define myself as a simple, honest, determined woman who fights for her goals and who never forgets her roots. My motto is “Humility will make us greater“, I am a woman who empathizes with the reality of many people because at some point I saw the needs of my home, thank God at this moment I do not lack anything and I am a happy woman, who hopes to broadcast this across an entire country. “

“I would like Colombia to know that it has a biodiverse department in all its senses, climate, fauna, flora, culture, gastronomy and with magical landscapes. In addition to its people, my Quindians who are characterized by their kindness and simplicity when dealing with anyone, whether from the region or a tourist. I want Colombia to know that in Quindío there are enterprising people and women, boars, with the desire to get ahead regardless of adversity.”

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