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In her own Crown

In her own Crown : Sabrina Aulya Putri, 2nd runner up of Miss Legacy Universe 2020

In the previous issue of Inside Pageant, you discovered a new contest: Miss Legacy Universe. We had interviewed the first winner, Dr Sharmistha Shinde. Today, we went to meet the second runner-up of Miss Legacy Universe 2020, Sabrina Aulya Putri, a future great beauty queen.

Inside Pageant – First, congratulations. Tell us about yourself. Who are you ?

My name is Sabrina Aulya Putri I come from Indonesia, I am 21 years old and I am a student at the university August 17, 1945 and I am Miss legacy Universe 2nd Runner up 2020

Inside Pageant – Miss Legacy Universe, is it your first beauty pageant ?

No, I have participated in beauty competitions several times, but only domestically and the Miss legacy universe is one of the international events that I have participated in

Inside Pageant – What inspired you to do this pageant?

My inspiration for participating in this event was to broaden my horizons about the world and be inspired by the beauty of the beauty that exists in women. That beauty is not only from the physical but beauty comes from a kind heart and intelligence

Inside Pageant – A beautiful answer. Why did you choose to compete for a new contest ?

Why do I want to compete in this contest because I want to measure how good I am in entering this contest. Well actually we all knew that Miss Legacy Universe is brand new of beauty pageant but I choose this event cause they have same perspective about how to empowering woman now. They want to found a woman with a beauty of heart and can work together to pursue what they want.

Beauty is not about how good your face or body. Here in Indonesia we are diversity of beauty cause we have more of ethnic, languages, culture, etc

So, with this diversity of beauty. Miss Legacy Universe want to spread woman around the world if the beauty is diversity in unity.

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