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In her own Crown

In Her Own Crown : Neenã Macaire Bezuidenhout

Regularly, Inside Pageant will meet the different beauty queens to get to know them better. We have the honor to inaugurate this department with the interview of the talented Neenã Macaire Bezuidenhout, Jewel of the World 2018. Amidst her hectic schedule after the crowning, she finds time to talk to us in an exclusive interview where she reveals her guilty pleasure and talks about pageantry, her dreams, experiences in this industry and more.

Inside Pageant : Can you introduce yourself in a few words for people who don’t know you?

Neenã Macaire Bezuidenhout ⚜ On a personal note:

I am a strong, courageous, optimistic, hard working and goal oriented young woman that seeks for beauty in every living being. I always strive to overcome all obstacles and use negativite energy and change it into positive energy to drive me to succeed in all parts of my life. I am an aspiring philanthropist and humanitarian as I always believe a woman should be serving their purpose by being a beauty with a heart and helping hand that is committed to all organizations and use her time to give back to all beings in need.

On a business and academic note:

I am a Internationally qualified, recognized, trained and certified professional Make-up Artist specializing in SFX (Special Effects),Beauty, and Airbrush Make-up Artistry, Fashion Hairstylist, Image Consultant/Stylist, Lifestyle Coach and Modelling Coach/Mentor.

I am a business woman at heart and proud to say that I am a Founder, Owner and Director of Eunoia Beauty,Hair,Image and Style Expert and Splendure International Modelling Academy.

Inside Pageant : When did you first start competing in pageants?

Neenã Macaire Bezuidenhout ⚜ My Grandmother and Mother was the inspiration to the start of my pageantry and modelling career. Both my Grand Mother and Mother entered me into my first pageant when I was 3 months old. I have been in the Modelling and Pageant industry ever since history has been made.

Inside Pageant : What sparked your interest in beauty pageants?

Neenã Macaire Bezuidenhout ⚜ Beauty pageants open up many doors for people that have a true love for what they do. It gives each individual a platform to create the change that they would want to and love to see in this world and that being said a change in all humanity’s hearts. You get the opportunity to empower yourself aswell as give others the power to empower themselves to be better and to keep believing in the validity of their dreams/goals. I love to be a beauty with a pure heart that uplifts, inspires, empowers and motivates all people to create change and leave behind their mark in the hearts of others to continue their legacy. The most important part and aspect of being a beauty queen is to get your hands physically dirty and always remember to be involved where you are needed. Charity work always lies close to my heart and it is a part of my identity.

Inside Pageant : Can you tell us about your pageantry journey?

Neenã Macaire Bezuidenhout ⚜ I physically started walking on stage at the age of two and a half years old and scooped all the medals and trophies at the Modelling exam that very same year. I have accomplished and own several titles to date both Nationally and Internationally.

To name the National and International titles achieved over the past 5 years:

– First Ever Miss United Continents SA 2016-2017 (I was the first ever MUCSA and first representative in Ecuador,Guayaquil where I placed in the Top 10 and I was ranked 8th in the World at Miss Continentes Unidos). In 2016, the first ever Miss United Continents South Africa was hosted as a National pageant in Pretoria, South Africa, where a National selection took place for a South African delegate to compete for the very first time at the official Miss Continentes Unidos International pageant hosted in Gauyaquil, Ecuador (South America).

This was my first ever International pageant that I have competed in. I was 19 years old.

–  Miss Tourism Metropolitan SA 2016

(I was the first ever MTMSA and first representative in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I was awarded the Miss Tourism Metropolitan Int. Miss Friendship award that was judged by a panel of 20 judges and 60 fellow delegates).

– Miss Glam World SA 2018

(I was the first SA representative and I placed into the Top 8. It was held in Inda, Kochi).

– First Edition Miss Jewel of The World 2018 was held in Philippines, Manila where my goal became a reality and I am finally a title holder at my 4th international pageant that I have entered and also first SA representative.

I also won subsidiary titles:

Jewel Beauty Award at a Press Conference

Miss Friendship (Twice in a row Internationally)

Best In Swimsuit

Best part I have never came back empty handed but, always with an achievement for my beautiful country South Africa

– I am currently the National title holder and ambassador for Miss Asia Pacific International – South Africa 2020 and will be competing in the Philippines in 2021 at Miss Asia Pacific International 2021.

Pageant Inside : What do you like about competing in pageants?

Neenã Macaire Bezuidenhout ⚜ I love the adrenalin rush that I get when going on stage, owning every given moment/opportunity, representing my true authentic self, sharing pieces of my heart and being confident & comfortable in my own skin.

Every experience is an whole new experience on its own and it is all about learning, growing and improving within yourself.

There are so many things that you constantly learn about such as communication skills, leadership, improvement on all areas of your inner and outer self. These skills will carry you for the rest of your life and in all parts of your life.

You will soon find the rest of this interview in the first issue of our magazine Inside Pageant. In the meantime, you can follow her on social media.

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