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In her own Crown

In her own Crown – Interview of the co-founder of Miss & Mrs Summit International.

In this time of the pandemic, it is interesting to see that the world of pageantry does not come to a complete stop. A young couple decided to start their own contest: Miss & Mrs. Summit International. We presented this new contest to you during a Pageantry Spotlight. Now get to know Kelly Tran, its founder in an exclusive interview.

Inside Pageant – Please tell us about you, your story with the pageantry. 

I was born and raised in Vietnam. My family and I migrated to America in 1993 and I became a US Citizen in 1998. I married my husband, who served in the United States Marines Corp, in 2004 and together we have 2 wonderful children. I started competing in my first international beauty pageant in 2000 and I fellin love with the pageantry, because the pageant is not just about beauty but also about friendship, empowerment, and supporting each other.

The founders of Miss & Mrs Summit International : Kelly Tran & Alex Bui

Inside Pageant – How did you start in beauty pageants?

Before I became a pageant girl, I was an import model and a spokesmodel. One day while I was at a car show in Los Angeles, acting as a spokesmodel for a tire company, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I want to compete in a beauty pageant in Las Vegas. The organization paid for my travel, hotel,and food expenses so I decided to take a chance. Although I did not realize it then, it had opened the door to pageantry and I have competed in severalother pageants, winning multiple titles.

Inside Pageant – Please tell us about your organization of Miss/Mrs. Summit International.

We are promoting women and giving them a voice. Women have been mistreated for so long as discrimination still exists in many countries today. In some countries, women still do not have the same career opportunities as men do, and more often women’s ideas are simply being ignored by their family, co-workers, or society. Our organization’s focus is on empowering women to develop personal growth and leadership.

Inside Pageant – What motivated you to launch a new competition in this time of a pandemic?

My motivation is that when I think of these ladies being on the stage expressing their opinions, beliefs, or concerns, that lets their voices be heard, I can see my own image and my voice to be heard as well.

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